Galleries of student work

From Visual Arts 10

Michael Cuison, self-portrait, Fall 2017 Self-portraits
May Green, depth drawing, Fall 2017 Depth drawings
Sophie Fitzgerald, depth painting, Fall 2017 Depth paintings
Adriana Lilley-Osende, engraved clay vessel, Spring 2017 Engraved clay vessels
Adriana Lilley-Osende, exam project, Spring 2017 Final project

From Visual Arts 11

Lauren McGowan, Textural Explorations, Fall 2016 Textural explorations
Eliza Meeson, Printmaking project, Fall 2013 Printmaking
Amelia McGrath, Fall 2016 Expressive clay portraits
Zoe Bartel, Fall 2016 Painting
Kumi Henden, Fall 2016 Final project

From Computer Programming 12

Alex Eddy-Stewart, Make a Game Board, Spring 2017 Make a game board
Jonah Larsen, Hello Javascript!, Spring 2017 Hello Javascript!
Alex Eddy-Stewart, Font style console, Spring 2017 Font style console
Alex Cameron, Keyboard motion control, Spring 2017 Keyboard motion control
Bodhi Anders, Roll some dice, Spring 2017 Miscellaneous skill builders
Jonah Larsen, Shy Link is shy, Spring 2017 Shy link is shy
Sam Watson, The Sky at Night project, Fall 2015 The sky at night
Katherine Lewis, Travel and find things project, Fall 2015 Maze and movement
Hayden Roberts, Exam project: Link customization engine, Fall 2015 Exam projects

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From Production Technology 11

Ellie Rumsey, Table project, Spring 2014 Table projects