Computer Programming 121.04 Hand-in: Otto the Robot

The role of Otto the Robot will now be played by...

Let's watch an introductory video about organizing your thoughts around a problem:

Hidden Agenda


Working in groups of 2-4 students, complete the problem solving process to solve the following problem: getting a student from our classroom (sitting in a chair) to the library in the most efficient way. The student must be sitting in a chair in the library for the solution to be complete.


Problem solving process

  1. Understand the problem (collect info to gather a knowledge base)
  2. Identify alternative solutions
  3. Select the best solution
  4. List the instructions to get to the cafeteria
  5. Evaluate your solution (test your steps)

OttoCode® — instructing Otto the Robot

The person in your group playing Otto the Robot can only understand these instructions:

For example: if you wanted Otto to stand up, turn right, walk four steps forward, then sit down, the OttoCode® would be:

  1. STD
  2. RT
  3. RPT(4) FWD
  4. SIT

Saving your work

You will discuss your solution through an HTML report that each of you will create individually.

Save the empty template as "1.04H-OttoTheRobot-LastName.html" in your Computer Programming 12 directory.

The assignment

  1. Create the empty framework of your HTML report
  2. Gather together a team of 2-4 students and start answering questions
  3. Together, consider three different solutions
  4. Choose the best solution
  5. Break your solution down into 5-9 chunks, and then write out the OttoCode® for each chunk
  6. Do a trial run of your solution with a student volunteering to be Otto
  7. Complete your HTML report individually and then hand it in

Code an HTML document that looks like this:

Extend & expand