Visual Arts 10 - Art History unit

Art history helps students learn how to understand artworks and their historical contexts.

Learning about Art History

All Art History unit booklets

Observing Van Eyck's The Arnolfini Portrait handout versions
Art analysis of Holbein's The Ambassadors versions
Art analysis of Seurat's The Grande Jatte handout versions
Art analysis of Picasso's Guernica handout versions

Presentations (for 1¼ hour classes)
  1. Portrait day 1: Intro, and Tut v. Terracotta
  2. Portrait day 2: Ancient Greek and Roman art
  3. Portrait day 3: Medieval Art
  4. Portrait day 4: Class discussion of Jan van Eyck
  5. Portrait day 5: Observing the Arnolfini Portrait
  6. Depth day 2: Michelangelo v. Leonardo
  7. Depth day 4: Velazquez v Gentileschi
  8. Depth day 5: Class discussion of The Ambassadors
  9. Depth day 6: Written analysis of The Ambassadors
  10. Painting day 2: David v. Goya
  11. Painting day 3: Hokusai v. van Gogh
  12. Painting day 5: Seurat v. Monet
  13. Painting day 6: Art analysis of La Grande Jatte
  14. Clay day 4: Image transfer and carving
  15. Clay day 5: Expressionism - Munch v. Klimt
  16. Final day 1: Surrealism
  17. Final day 3: Picasso v. Matisse
  18. Final day 4: Art analysis of Guernica
  19. Final day 5: Magritte v. Duchamp
Vocabulary for art history handout versions