Computer Programming 12

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//MAKE: Build your skills

//HTML-CSS: Learn the basics of web page coding

//INIT: Find out about variables and data structures

//INPUT: How you get information from the environment?

//PROCESS: Learn about how to manipulate and process information

//OUTPUT: How do you display things?

//STYLE: Develop professional programming habits

//SOLVE: Demonstrations about how to solve certain kinds of problems

The Pacman Project

Problem solving challenges

Customizing table cells with data

Interesting videos


This class is project-based. You will be evaluated on the work you create: don't expect tests and quizzes.

80% of your final mark will be from your semester work, and 20% of it will be from a project-based exam.

Your assignments are divided into two categories: skill builders, which are formative, not graded, and meant to help students figure things out, and hand-in assignments, which are summative, graded assignments in which you show off your skills.

Hand-in assignments have names like "1.01H" and skill-builders have names like "1.03S".