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Dave Drapak |

...teaches at Citadel High School, part of the Halifax Regional School Board

Rena Tom, Sketch of Drapak, Fall 2015
Dave Drapak
Citadel High School
1855 Trollope Street
Halifax NS  B3L 3N2

I have taught a number of things, such as visual arts, trades and digital technologies, and social studies. I was a high school administrator for five years, but I really love the classroom.

In 2022-23, I will be teaching Visual Arts 10 each semester, and Visual Arts 11 all year long.

In art school I learned a great deal about how to think creatively, take on large, long-term projects, and work with others to help them grow and improve. I am incredibly grateful for that experience!

I honestly think that art school provided me with a higher quality of education than I could have encountered at a regular university.

After art school, I started to build up my own shop and started to learn a lot about construction and manufacturing trades. Building things is my passion.

I have been programming since I was 10 years old and have used: basic, logo, pascal, batch file scripting, C++ bash, html, perl, sql, css, php, python, javascript, arduino sketches, and more. I wrote George, the predecessor to PowerSchool. I was offered a couple scholarships to study programming in university, but turned them down to go to art school.

Thank you!

I learn from others. I am most grateful to my lovely wife Alison West — she is my first and best critic. I probably return most often to things I have learned from Alison, Debbie Sutherland, John Miller, Robin Jenson, Michelle Bruce, Sydney Mogae, and Dave Gallant.

There are so many others as well! I could fill your screen! Thanks, everyone!

Computer Programming 12 is not built completely from scratch. Thank you, Dan Lunney!

I have a son named Calder. My wife, the intelligent and kind Ms. West, teaches Art at Sackville High.

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