Visual Arts 10 - Old presentations

A bunch of old presentations, especially used during the 2019-2022 COVID years

Presentations for COVID Spring 2020 — 2½ hour classes
Self-portrait unit presentations for 2½ hour classes Skill builders:
  1. Course intro & Art development and Stravinsky
  2. Woodcutter
  3. Pears & Parts of the face
  4. Parts of the face II
  5. Hair textures
Making the portrait:
  1. Self portrait intro
  2. Day two
  3. Pantocrator v. Blue Mosque
  4. Goal-setting
  5. Last day + Intro to Depth Drawing project
Depth drawing unit presentations for 2½ hour classes Skill builders:
  1. last day of portrait & heads up for the depth drawing assignment
  2. Creating a sense of depth
  3. Non-central composition
Idea Development:
  1. How to improve an idea & Image research tips
  2. Thumbnails & Rough drawings
Creating the Depth Drawing:
  1. Starting a sense of depth & careers in photography
  2. van Eyck v. Durer & careers in digital animation and game development
  3. Reducing detail to show depth & Teacher checklist feedback
  4. Peer evaluation & Michelangelo v. Leonardo
Painting presentations for 2.5 hour classes Painting skill-builders:
  1. Colour wheel intro and mixing blacks, shades, and greys
  2. Colour matching examples and colour schemes
  3. Observational painting examples and colour & emotion
Idea development for the painting:
  1. Idea development day one
  2. Day two
Creating the Painting:
  1. Painting day one and discussion of The Ambassadors
  2. Art Analysis of The Ambassadors and careers in film and video
  3. Carravaggio v Velazquez and careers in design
  4. David v Goya and Communications Technology
  5. Peer feedback and Hokusai v. van Gogh
Older presentations: Skill building: saturation and colour matching Skill building: shape control Day two Day four Day five Day eight
Clay unit presentations for 2.5 hour classes Clay skill-builders:
  1. Generating ideas for the clay vessel project - the staying home edition
Idea development for the clay project:
  1. Idea generation for the clay vessel, day II
Creating the clay project:
  1. Forming the clay vessel
  2. Putting slip on the clay vessel and Seurat v Monet
  3. Carving the clay vessel and an introduction to the exam project
Older presentations:
  1. Idea development: day one
  2. Clay: building demo
  3. Seurat v. Monet and adding slip
  4. Analysis of La grande Jatte and adding slip
  5. Clay: Carving demo
  6. Clay: day six
  7. Clay: day seven
  8. Last day
Final project unit presentations (for 2.5 hour classes) Idea development for the exam project:
  1. Abbreviated idea generation for the exam
Creating the exam project:
  1. Exam day two of five
  2. Exam day three of five: art history analysis of Guernica
  3. Exam day four of five: optional peer feedback and Magritte v Duchamp
  4. Exam last day
Older presentations: Intro and idea development - day one Day two Day three Day four Day five
Munch v. Klimt Exam project - day two Kandinsky v. Mondrian Kahlo v. Dali Picasso v. Matisse
Guernica analysis Peer feedback Duchamp v. Magritte Day nine Last day
Presentations for COVID Spring 2021 — 2½ hour classes