Visual Arts 10 - Self-portrait unit

The portrait project is to help beginners learn the basics of observational drawing.

Learning about drawing

All Self-portrait unit booklets
Presentations (for 1¼ hour classes)
Skill builders:
  1. Introduction
  2. Drawing skills day 1: Draw a Hand #1, art development, and Igor Stravinsky
  3. Drawing skills day 2: Creativity #1, Draw a hand #2, angles of The Woodcutter
  4. Drawing skills day 3: Creativity #2, Drawing skill-builder: Angles of The Woodcutter
  5. Drawing skills day 4: Taking good selfies, Pears
  6. Drawing skills day 5: Parts of the face I - Eyes
  7. Drawing skills day 6: Parts of the face II - Noses
  8. Drawing skills day 7: Parts of the face III - Mouths
  9. Drawing skills day 8: Hair textures
  10. Drawing skills day 9: Gargoyles and half portraits
  11. Drawing skills day 10: Drawing skills day 10: Finishing the skill builders
Making the portrait:
  1. Portrait day 1: Intro, and Tut v. Terracotta
  2. Portrait day 2: Ancient Greek and Roman art
  3. Portrait day 3: Medieval Art
  4. Portrait day 4: Class discussion of Jan van Eyck
  5. Portrait day 5: Observing the Arnolfini Portrait
  6. Portrait day 6: Teacher feedback
  7. Portrait day 7: Goal-setting
  8. Portrait day 8: Last day, Formal intro to Depth Drawing
  9. Portrait day 8.5: Transition day
Master slides for the Portrait project
Galleries and exemplars
Gallery of student portraits: New gallery and Old gallery
Portrait booklet gallery cover: Google Slides
Portrait hall of fame gallery: Google Slides
Portrait examples from previous semesters: presentation
Portrait evaluation and building skills step-by-step handout versions
Self-portrait goal-setting handout versions
Self-portrait midway teacher feedback handout versions
Vocabulary for the portrait project handout versions