//EXAM: Skills description

The Assignment

You are going to individually create a program that demonstrates the skills you have learned this semester. Each of you will choose a different program to make. Claim your project early.

It is up to you to ensure that you demonstrate all the skills required. Your exam will be marked according to the specific skills you show in your project. You will get credit for that skill if it works naturally and purposefully as part of solving your program's task.

Exam evaluation (The exam is worth 20% of your final mark)

Questions to ask before you start

  1. What will you program do?
  2. What will your user interface look like?
  3. What variables and data structures will you need to store information?
  4. What will you have to set up during initialization?
  5. What will you use for input?
  6. Please list the processing functions/methods that will be required:
  7. What will you do for output?
  8. How will you use an object oriented programming in your program?

Saving your work

Please save your work as "Exam-LastName.html".

Some examples of applicable programs