//STYLE: Use cut and paste where possible

Don't retype long, critical names

File names and variable names are easy to mess up. It is very easy to make a mistake - particularly with spaces and capitalization.

And computers are very, very, very literal and can see small differences in spelling or punctuation as a mistake.

Tip #1: Use auto-complete

Many editors have auto-complete as an option. While you are typing a function, tag, or variable, your editor may suggest options for automatically completing the word you are typing. Use the arrows keys to scroll up and down the list they offer you, and then hit enter or tab to accept the choice. Your editor's spelling is going to be better than yours.

Tip #2: Use cut and paste for file names

In order to save time and increase accuracy, I tend to go to the file in the file manager, pull up the context menu to get Rename.... Then I hit control-C to copy the first part of the file name. It does not include the file extension, like .png, but I can at least paste control-V in the beginning of the file name accurately.