Making —English Translation of the T-80S LVDS Tester

Notice from Drapak:
Use this manual at your own risk. There could easily be translation errors in this document. I scanned the original Chinese instruction booklet that came with my LVDS tester. Then I put the images through optical character recognition. The resulting Chinese was put into Google Translate, and then lightly cleaned up by myself. So expect plenty of opportunities for mistakes to happen. Mind you, this is better than nothing!

Original scans:

Front panel information

When the power is off
Press and hold for 5 seconds (automatic switch button)
Start cycle select screen voltage

Zhengyang LVDS screen tester
The eighth generation T-80S

"A1" screen wire short circuit alarm
"A2" backlight short circuit alarm
"A3" backlight short circuit alarm
"A4" backlight short circuit alarm
"AU" Auto Switch On

Units - add (S1)
Tens place-add (S2)

Operating procedures:

  1. First confirm the screen resolution, screen voltage, backlight
  2. Input 12V power supply to the tester
  3. Press the S1, S2 keys to set the digital tube to display 01-80 screen parameters
  4. Press and hold the automatic switch button for 5 seconds to start cyclically selecting the screen voltage, the default is 3.3V when starting up
  5. Insert the screen cable and backlight, and connect the screen
  6. Press the power switch key to turn on, the power indicator light will be on
  7. Press the UP (+), DOWN (-) key to switch the built-in test screen
  8. After the test is completed, press the power switch key to turn off the power
  9. Try another screen.

Screen parameter list

Do not unplug the screen cable or change the screen with power on, otherwise the device will be damaged!!!

Power switch

Auto switch



“A1" 屏线短路报警
“A2" 背光短路报警
“A3" 背光短路报警
“A4" 背光短路报警
“AU" 自动切换打开


操作流程: 先确认屏幕分辨率、屏电压、背光 → 测试仪输入12V电源 → 按S1、5S2键设置数码管显示01-80屏参 → 按住自动切换键5秒,开始循环选择屏电压,开机默认3.3V → 插入屏线、背光线,连接好屏幕 → 按电源开关键开机,电源指示灯会亮 → 按UP(+)、DOWN(-)键切换内置测试画面 → 测试完成后,按电源开关键关闭电源,换下一张屏幕测试即可.


请勿带电拔插屏线或换屏,否则会损坏设备 !!!



Instructions for use

01. The LVDS screen tester adopts brand-new hardware and software, and all output ports are designed with short-circuit protection function to reduce the failure rate.

02. It integrates LVDS signal output with multiple resolutions, built-in professional LCD test screen, can increase parameters and reduce screen parameters, modify programs, and customize designs according to customer needs. Please contact the sales agent for consultation.

03. When using, just according to the resolution of the LCD screen and the number of screen lines, compare the screen parameter list, press the plus and minus keys to select the appropriate value on the digital tube, connect the screen line and backlight, press the power switch key to restart Just power on.

04. To replace the LCD flexor during the test, just press the power switch key to disconnect the power supply without taking off the power adapter.

05. Screen switching key +: It can cycle switch various test screens built in the tester.

06. Screen switching key-: It can cycle switch various test screens built in the tester.

07. Automatic switching key: Built-in multiple test screens are automatically displayed in a loop. At this time, the digital tube will display "AU".

08. VGA INPUT interface: plug in the VGA signal line of the computer, and automatically switch to the external VGA signal input, so that the screen displays the male face of the computer.

09. DEBUG PORT interface: Debug port, open to friends, not open.

10. KEY INPUT interface: It is used to connect the small key board externally. There are power switch key and screen switch key on the small key board. It is also more convenient to replace the buttons on the small button board if they are broken.

11. The tester has a short-circuit protection alarm function. If the digital tube displays "A1", "A2", "A3", and "A4", it means that the corresponding interface is short-circuited.

12. There are many types of LCD screens on the market, and the tester is not a universal tool. Customers who want to modify the screen parameters can provide the screen model or LCD screen, and contact the agent's seller to modify and debug for us.

Integrated screen parameters quick setting and automatic memory, built-in professional test screen, built-in constant current boost circuit, super short circuit protection design

A2 port: LED backlight constant current output default current 120mA, adaptive boost, up to 30V


01.LVDS屏测试仪采用全新的硬件和软件, 所有输出口都设计了短路保护功能,准少故障率。




05、画面切换键+: 可循环切换测试仪内置的多种测试画面。



08、VGA INPUT接口:插入电脑VGA信号线,自动切换到外置VGA信号输入,使屏幕显示电脑男面。

09、DEBUG PORT接口:调试痛口,开上友者用,不开放。

10、KEY INPUT接口:用来外接小按键板,小按键板上面有电源开关键、画面切换键,针对工矿用户或者屏幕 测试数量比较多需要长时间测试的用户。 小按键板上面的按键如果坏了更换也比较方便。


12、市面上液晶屏型号众多,测试仪不是万能工具,震要修改屏参的客户,可提供屏钊型号或者液晶屏,联系 代理氏售商给我们修改调试。