Making — Art room coloured pencil organiser

Art rooms get messy. And if students cannot respect their art materials, it can be very expensive very quickly. You need organization.

This is the design for a series of organisers for coloured pencils. They are designed to fit into the rolling art supply carts that we use at Citadel High. I also made a couple of simple stackable ones for my lovely wife at my old school, Sackville High.

In order to keep it cheap, I like to use construction grade lumber and then mill it down well using a planer and a jointer. I also tend to use the cheap and nasty meranti 1/4" plywood that we have locally. It works nicely.

The pdf below is actual size so that you can print it out in multiple parts as a poster and join it together. But hey, you can shrink it down and read it from there if that works.

Coloured pencil organiser
Handout: Coloured pencil organiser [pdf]