Making —white watercolour paint



Current procedure — last updated 15. August 2022

  1. Set up the drill press and dispersion disc and prepare for mixing
  2. Fill a stainless steel bowl with the full amount of dry pigment
  3. Then whisk in the watercolour medium
  4. Mix using the dispersion disc on the drill press
  5. Allow to sit for a while
  6. Set the three roll mill to 6mil on the fast rollers and 7mil on the slow rollers
  7. Run the mixture through the mill at least 8 times until you reach a 10µm grind
  8. Disperse into small 1ml pans and allow to dry, topping off in layers.

Drapak’s manufacturing notes

17. March 2022 - Making ~2 cup total

1:1 mix — 250 ml of medium ($3.02) and 250 ml ($10.50) of dry titanium white = $13.52/300 ish pans = $0.045/quarter pan

This was so dreamy to mill. I began by putting the 250ml of PW6 into a stainless steel mixing bowl, and then I added 250ml of medium and whisked the two together. I ran the batch through the mill 8 times with a 6mil gap on the fast rollers and a 7mil gap on the slow rollers, and the result was very very creamy. The resulting grind was about 10µm, and was a terrific consistency to dispense into pans. I was able to fill one entire cookie sheet full of quarter pans (1mL) with the resulting mix. The paint seems smooth and opaque.

TODO: Increase the proportion of pigment to reduce stickiness. Perhaps 3:2?

11. Oct 2021 - ½ cup total

Mixing: The pigment mixed fairly well into the medium. It started to wet fairly quickly. I alternated with medium and pigment until done. The result was light grey with a few undissolved chunks.

Milling: I set the roller gaps originally to 20mil each. I had some trouble with the pigment falling through the gap and collecting in the plate underneath. A fair amount of the pigment dried on the rollers as well.

Mixing TODO: medium first, and mix in pigment. Allow to sit for a while to see if it wets better over time. Mixing a larger batch would make a lot of sense.

Milling TODO: try starting the mill off at 15 mil gaps on the slow side, and 10 mil on the fast side. Using a spatula to scrape out the mixed paste helped a lot.