Production Technology 11Course outline

Course Outline

In Production Technology 11, we will learn a wide variety of techniques, tools, and skills relating to woodworking.


Units of study

  1. Safety & Picture Frames: Learn how to use tools safely while building a picture frame
  2. Tool box: Learn more tools safely while creating your own tool box
  3. Basic boxes: Learn how to make a simple box for keepsakes with more complex joinery
  4. Table: Follow plans to create your own small piece of furniture


Nothing is more important to me than your safety. While in the workshop, you must wear safety goggles at all times. You must also use dust masks and hearing protection for the appropriate machines. Ask permission before using any power tool.

Rough behaviour leads to injuries, so please do not do anything which would make another person react quickly or unthinkingly. Distractions can also lead to injuries. Listening to music in earbuds/headphones or texting in the shop is an unsafe idea. Please ask me if you need to take a call from a parent. If you are under the influence of medication, or are otherwise unable to work safely, please tell me so that I can give you alternate, safer work.

Some people may not be able to participate in the workshop due to safety concerns. I prefer teaching via hands on methods, but not everyone does well in a potentially dangerous shop environment. This course can also be successfully delivered via textbook.

This class is loud and produces wood dust. Please see me immediately if this may cause a problem.

I will give marks to you for each safety test you pass. The passing mark for each test is 100%. If you don't pass, I will show you what was wrong and give you further chances until you get 100%.

I will observe and evaluate you every day for daily safety habits. Clean up is very important: a clean shop is a safe and healthy shop, as well as a pleasure to use. You are required to have a spotter to help and watch out for you for certain machines.

Material conservation

Woodworking is expensive. You will be given enough material to complete your work. It is your job to ensure that you do not lose or misuse your materials. Most materials are wasted due to hurrying, not following instructions, or failing to put your work away properly with your name on it. For each project you will be given enough wood to make your project and no more. If you make a mistake, I will help you figure out how to repair it, but it is usually a lot of work. Slow down and pay attention to demonstrations: you will be proud of your work.

Common Questions

Do I really have to wear safety glasses/a mask/a face shield?

Yes you do. I can't compromise on your safety. If this is a serious problem, I can't have you in the shop and we will have to consider other options outside the shop away from danger.

Am I going to have to do things that are dangerous?

No. The tools that we work with all nearly all hazardous and can cause injury. However, each tool can be used safely so that hurting yourself is unlikely. You will be given instruction on how to do this, and you will have to prove that you know what you are doing before you start. If something does not feel right and you need a refresher, just ask.

Can I work on my project outside class time?

Yes you can - let me know I we will work out a time before class, at lunch, or after school. However, for safety reasons I cannot let you use power tools or hazardous materials at home away from my supervision: your work has to be done at school.

Can I help my friend out with their project?

Helping each other out is a huge part of learning in this class and making sure that everyone is safe. As well, it is always a good idea to talk things over with your classmates and friends to get good ideas and advice. However, if someone else does your work for you, it is cheating and you will have to do the work over again by yourself.

Can I take my project home?

You can take any solo project home. This will be different if we do a group project, or one for sale.

Can I propose something different to make?

Yes - that would be a good idea. The first two projects are intended as skill builders, but after that it is common for people to start asking about alternatives. Bounce your idea off me and I will tell you what it will take to make it happen.

Support Materials and Handouts

Course outline
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