Visual Arts 10 - Depth drawing unit

The Depth Drawing project helps students moved toward developing their own ideas and drawing it using photographic references.

Learning about drawing

All Depth drawing unit booklets
Presentations (for 1¼ hour classes)
Skill builders:
  1. Portrait day 8: Last day, Formal intro to Depth Drawing
  2. Portrait day 8.5: Transition day
  3. Depth skills 1: Creating a sense of depth for the depth drawing
  4. Depth skills 2: Creating a non-central composition in your depth drawing
Idea Development:
  1. Depth idea development EXTRA: How to guide
  2. Depth idea development 1: How to improve an idea
  3. Depth idea development 2: Image research tips for the depth drawing
  4. Depth idea development 3: Creating thumbnail drawings for the depth drawing
  5. Depth idea development 4: Creating rough copies for the depth drawing
Making the depth drawing:
  1. Depth day 1: Starting the depth drawing
  2. Depth day 2: Michelangelo v. Leonardo
  3. Depth day 3: Class discussion of The Ambassadors
  4. Depth day 4: Written analysis of The Ambassadors
  5. Depth day 5: Careers in photography
  6. Depth day 6: Velazquez v Gentileschi
  7. Depth day 7: Reducing detail to show depth and teacher checklist feedback
  8. Depth day 8: Peer feedback
  9. Depth day 9: Careers in digital animation and game development
  10. Depth day 10: Last day and intro to the painting project

Depth drawing evaluation: PDF & Google doc large print PDF & Google doc
Presentation: Depth drawing exemplars
Handout: Depth drawing booklet covers for Visual Arts 10
Idea development for depth drawing handout versions

Handout: Idea Development Examples: Depth Drawings [pdf]
Handout: Idea Development Examples: Depth Drawings (New) [pdf]
Handout: Depth drawing references for students without idea development

Presentation: Idea generation examples for the depth drawing
Template for creating your own skill builders for gathering reference images for the depth drawing project

Midway teacher feedback for depth drawing handout versions
Peer feedback for depth drawing handouts