Visual Arts 11 — Painting
All Acrylic painting unit booklets
Acrylic painting presentations (for 1¼ hour classes)
Advice and exemplars
Gallery of student paintings: New gallery and Old gallery

New Painting gallery cover: Google Slides
Old Painting gallery cover: PDF

Acrylic painting examples from previous semesters: Google Slides

Acrylic painting peer feedback versions:
Painting advice
Handout: Painting advice [pdf]
Idea development for acrylic painting handout versions
Support Materials and Handouts
Project outline
Handout: Project outline [pdf]
Art Ideas-The AHA Moment
Handout: Art Ideas-The AHA Moment [pdf]
Peer feedback
Handout: Peer feedback [pdf]
Project reflection
Handout: Project reflection [pdf] source [docx]

Acrylic technique basics: PDFGoogle doc — PNGs: page 1 page 2 — Exemplar images: page 1 page 2
Apple, orange, flower, Vermeer: PDFGoogle doc — PNGs: page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4

Criteria and Vocabulary for the acrylic painting project handout versions

Art history

  1. Group of Seven
  2. Contemporary