//MAKE: 3.05 Hand-in: Character Generator


Saving your work

Use Save as... to save the empty template as " 3.05H-CharacterGenerator-LastName.html " in your Computer Programming directory.

The assignment: Computer Programmer - the RPG

Let's say that I have created a role-playing game in which people play computer programmers with different skills and abilities. I know! Brilliant idea! I am going to make a mint!

Let's say that each character could have the following characteristics:

Name Dragos the Security Guru
Typing 5 Random die roll from 1-100
Spelling and Grammar 3 Random die roll from 1-100
Modularizes Code 6 Random die roll from 1-100
Problem Solving 2 Random die roll from 1-100
Awesome with CSS 2 Random die roll from 1-100
Coding Style 6 Random die roll from 1-100

Program planning

I could make a program to roll random characters up quickly!

User interface

Variable structure

I can do this without any global variables. I will need an object variable to handle the character information,

I will structure my character information object like this:

characterObject.typing stores the Typing skill of the character
characterObject.spellingAndGrammar stores the Spelling and Grammar skill of the character
characterObject.modular stores the Modularizes Code skill of the character
characterObject.problemSolving stores the CSS skill of the character
characterObject.CSS stores the CSS skill of the character
characterObject.style stores the Coding Style skill of the character

An example

Let's generate a random programmer!

--   Patience
--   Curiosity
--   Troubleshooting
--   Precision
--   Resourcefulness
--   Teamwork