//MAKE: 2.01 Skill-builder: Hello Javascript!


The assignment

  1. Use HTML to create a whole bunch of buttons
  2. Include functions that will show that you know how to use a selection of the following:
    1. alert()
    2. console.log()
    3. .innerHTML to insert code inside something
    4. .innerHTML to replace code that already exists
  3. Use onclick javascript to make the buttons able to trigger functions

Saving your work

Use Save as... to save the empty template as "2.01S-HelloJavascript-LastName.html" in your Computer Programming 12 directory.

Extend and expand

Use CSS to style your buttons!

Make a keyboard of buttons! Buttons galore!

Coding secret: onclick allows almost anything to become a button. Try turning sentences, or words, or pictures into clickable objects.