Production Technology 11Toolbox

In the toolbox project, students continue to learn how to use tools safely, careful measurement and joinery, design and planning skills. You will be using biscuit, dado, and rabbet joints to assemble your toolbox.

You will use the following tools safely while you make it (new tools are in bold):

Some handouts include both adapted and non-adapted versions.

Full student workbooks

Adapted toolbox unit booklet
Handout: Adapted toolbox unit booklet [pdf]
Non-adapted toolbox unit booklet
Handout: Non-adapted toolbox unit booklet [pdf]

Individual handouts

Toolbox booklet title page
Handout: Toolbox booklet title page [pdf] source [publisher]
Ruler measurement worksheet
Handout: Ruler measurement worksheet [pdf]
Picture frame drawing booklet
Handout: Picture frame drawing booklet [pdf] source [scribus]
Tool box layout drawings
Handout: Tool box layout drawings [pdf]
Tool box layout
Handout: Tool box layout [pdf]
Toolbox drawing: Box sides
Handout: Toolbox drawing: Box sides [pdf] source [svg]
Toolbox drawing: Box ends
Handout: Toolbox drawing: Box ends [pdf] source [svg]
Tool box - What do I do next?
Handout: Tool box - What do I do next? [pdf] source [scribus]
What do I do next?
Handout: What do I do next? [pdf] source [publisher]
Business - Toolbox
Handout: Business - Toolbox [pdf] source [xls]

Posters and evaluation tools

Toolbox measurement evaluation template
Handout: Toolbox measurement evaluation template [pdf] source [scribus]
Assembled toolbox
source [sketchup]
Exploded view of the toolbox
source [sketchup]
Toolbox fullsize posters
Handout: Toolbox fullsize posters [pdf]
Toolbox sides and handle
source [sketchup]
Both ends of the toolbox
source [sketchup]