//MAKE: 2.03 EXTRA: Modals


The assignment

  1. Use HTML to create a modals with buttons
  2. Use CSS to style and position the modal
  3. Include functions to display and hide the modal
  4. Use onclick javascript to make the buttons able to trigger functions

Saving your work

This is an optional assignment!

Use Save as... to save the empty template as "2.03X-Modals-LastName.html" in your Computer Programming 12 directory.

What is a modal?

A modal is like a pop-up box in your webpage that displays or gathers information.

It works like this:

Buy me stuff!

Give me yr moneys for teh catfood!


Click OK to pay using BitCoin!

Break it down!

To make a modal, you need the following things:

Now in more detail: