Visual Arts 10 - Clay Vessel Project

Coil-build an earthenware vessel, and then engrave into a layer of slip.

Learning about ceramics

All Clay unit booklet versions
Clay unit presentations (for 1¼ hour classes) Skill builders:
  1. Clay skill building
Idea Development:
  1. Clay idea development: day one
  2. Clay idea development: day two
  3. Clay idea development: day three
Making the clay project:
  1. Clay day 1: Coil building and rough shaping
  2. Clay day 2: Smoothing, lips, lids, and feet
  3. Clay day 3: (Snow day)
  4. Clay day 4: Adding slip
  5. Clay day 5: Expressionism - Munch v. Klimt
  6. Clay day 6: Image transfer and carving
  7. Clay day 7: Careers in design
  8. Clay day 8: Abstraction: Mondrian v. Kandinsky
  9. Clay day 9: Introduction to the final project
  10. Clay day 10: KTS Talent Show and Open Studio

Clay vessel project information: PDF Publisher
Clay project evaluation: PDF & source large print PDF & source

Clay project examples from previous semesters: presentation

Idea development for clay handout versions

Presentation Clay project exemplars
Handout: Idea Development Examples: Clay Vessels [pdf]
Template: for gathering reference images for the clay vessel project

Building your vessel step by step handout versions

Scans from The Japanese Pottery Book: PDF Google Docs