Visual Arts 11 — Textural Explorations
All Textural explorations unit booklets
Textural explorations presentations (for 1¼ hour classes)
Advice and exemplars
Galleries of student work: New and old
New Textural explorations gallery cover: Google slides
Old Textural explorations gallery cover: PDF
Textural examples from previous semesters: Google Slides
Advice from former students for textural explorations: PDF & PDF

Textural explorations peer feedback versions:
Project Reflection [pdf]
Handout: Project Reflection [pdf] source [docx]
Evaluation and skill builders
Textural explorations evaluation: PDF Google doc

Crosshatching skill builder: Google slides & PDF
Crosshatching practice: Google slides & PDF
Cross contour skill builder: Google slides & PDF
Pastels skill builder: Google slides & PDF
Reference - textures in nature: Google slides & PDF

Textural exploration skill builder reference images: Google slides
Image reference template for the printmaking project: Google slides
Skill builder - A window portrait [pdf]
Handout: Skill builder - A window portrait [pdf]
Textural Explorations - outline [pdf]
Handout: Textural Explorations - outline [pdf]
Criteria and Vocabulary for the texture project handout versions