Visual Arts 11 — Final exam project

In this project, you will be asked to create an artwork that tells a story. The story must be clearly communicated to viewer without words. You may choose the create it using paint, clay, printmaking, drawing materials, or a combination of any of those. Keep in mind that your exam must be done at school.

Support Materials and Handouts

Full exam booklet
Handout: Full exam booklet [pdf]
Gallery booklet cover for exam
Handout: Gallery booklet cover for exam [pdf]
Exam evaluation criteria
Handout: Exam evaluation criteria [pdf]
Idea generation
Handout: Idea generation [pdf] source [publisher]
Exam time budget
Handout: Exam time budget [pdf]
Exam advice
Handout: Exam advice [pdf]
Exam peer feedback
Handout: Exam peer feedback [pdf]
End of semester advice
Handout: End of semester advice [pdf]