Visual Arts 10 - Watercolour painting project

The watercolour painting project is to teach students how to paint observationally, and use colour theory.

Learning about painting

All Painting unit booklets
Painting presentations (for 1¼ hour classes) Skill builders:
  1. Depth day 10: Last day and intro to the painting project
  2. Painting skills 1: Colour wheel intro
  3. Painting skills 2: Mixing greys
  4. Painting skills 3: Colour matching exercises and colour schemes
  5. Painting skills 4: Colour and emotion
  6. Painting skills 5: Painting apples and oranges in layers
  7. Painting skills 6: Observational skill builders 1
  8. Painting skills 7: Observational skill builders II
  9. Painting skills 8: Observational skill builders III
Idea Development:
  1. Painting idea development: day one
  2. Painting idea development: day two
  3. Painting idea development: day three
  4. Painting idea development: day four
Making the painting:
  1. Painting day 1: Introduction
  2. Painting day 2: David v. Goya
  3. Painting day 3: Hokusai v. van Gogh
  4. Painting day 4: Careers in film and video
  5. Painting day 5: Seurat v. Monet
  6. Painting day 6: Art analysis of La Grande Jatte
  7. Painting day 7: Teacher midway feedback
  8. Painting day 8: Peer feedback
  9. Painting day 9: Careers in architecture and planning
  10. Painting day 10: Last day and intro to the clay project

Presentation: Painting project exemplars
Presentation: Examples and advice for developing the painting idea
Presentation: Colour scheme wheels for presentations
Handout: Painting booklet covers for Visual Arts 10

Idea development for painting handout versions

Handout: Idea Development Examples: Paintings [pdf]
Handout: Idea Development Examples: Painting (new) [pdf]

Presentation: Idea generation examples for the painting
Template: for gathering your own skill builders for gathering reference images for the painting project

Painting criteria and step-by-step handout versions
Midway teacher feedback for painting handout versions
Peer feedback for painting handout versions