Visual Arts 10 - Final project

For the exam project, students develop their own project idea and make it using the materials and skills they are best at.

All Final project unit booklet versions
Final project unit presentations (for 1¼ hour classes) Idea Development:
  1. Final idea development day one
  2. Final idea development day two
  3. Final idea development day three
Making the exam project:
  1. Final day 1: Surrealism
  2. Final day 2: Careers in Design
  3. Final day 3: Picasso v. Matisse
  4. Final day 4: Art analysis of Guernica
  5. Final day 5: Magritte v. Duchamp
  6. Final day 6: Careers in craft
  7. Final day 7: Peer feedback
  8. Final day 8: Work day
  9. Final day 9: Last day!

Presentation: Final project exemplars

Exam project criteria handout versions

Final project idea development handout versions

Handout: Idea Development Examples: Exam Project [pdf]
Handout: Idea Development Examples: Exam
Presentation: Idea generation examples for the exam project

Peer feedback for exam handout versions